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Stats Society Insurance from KBI is well worth a look, saved me a bundle for a much better service and coverage.

  • 3 Apr 2023 12:04 PM
    Message # 13154381

    Hi everyone,

    I recently took advantage of the new professional and public liability insurance offered through SSA with KBI and wanted to say I am very impressed with this service. Thank you so much for organising this, it can occasionally feel like SSA is very academic focussed and forgets its members working in the private sector. It’s this type of practical service which will boost SSA’s membership outside of academia!

    Tyler Speers from KBI was very helpful. Promptly answering all my questions, even when I was less than prompt in replying to him. It’s an excellent policy and was approximately 2/3 the price of my old one! He has already assisted me in reviewing a clients Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure it didn’t invalidate my insurance. The level of personalised help and extra services they offer are exceptional.

    I can’t recommend Tyler and KBI highly enough. At the very least it’s worth you asking him to review and quote your existing policy. Who knows, you might find yourself paying substantially less!

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