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Equity Membership Scholarships

The SSA’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Committee has established an Equity Membership Scholarship program to allow people for whom the full SSA membership fee may be too costly to become members of the SSA. This scholarship program invites applications from people for whom payment of the full SSA membership fee would lead to financial hardship (that is, applicants would need to cut back on other spending to afford the membership fee). Information on SSA's membership fees is available here.

Four Equity Membership Scholarships will be awarded annually. Winners will receive a one-year SSA membership, and will be invited to take part in the next available SSA Mentoring Program as a mentee. Please note that the names of applicants and winners will not be made public.

People who are not eligible for student, transitional, retired or early career membership with the SSA are eligible to apply. Current or former members of the Society are eligible, as are people who have never been members.

To apply, please complete this short application form.

Anonymised applications will be reviewed by two or three members of the Society’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Committee.    

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