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Code of conduct

The overall objective of the Statistical Society of Australia and its branches is to further the study and application of statistical theory and methods in all branches of learning and enterprise. In general, the public has no ready means of judging the quality of professional service except from the reputation of the provider.

Membership of an association of professionals, such as the SSA, will often be taken by the public as an assurance of ability and integrity. It is therefore essential that the highest standards are maintained by all members of the SSA whenever they are acting professionally and whatever their level of qualification.

In common with professional bodies in other fields, the Society has formulated its own rules as a Code of Conduct to define the behaviour expected of Society members practising in everyday professional life. This code of conduct has been drawn up to reflect the standards of conduct and work expected of all practising statisticians. It is a guideline for all members of the SSA and is mandatory for all accredited members.

Click here to read the Code of Conduct. Click here to read about the Code of Conduct for conferences and events.

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The Statistical Society of Australia (SSA) is the home for professionals working in statistics. A place where you belong, connect with others, advance your career and feel inspired.

Our core purpose is to connect you with great people and great opportunities, so you can be successful in your current role and with your career aspirations.

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