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Tutor needed (Business Statistics)

  • 1 Aug 2023 9:45 AM
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    Dear Statistics Society of Australia

    Please can you help me or put me in contact with a tutor (graduate student welcome) in business statistics., face-to-face, prefer meeting in the library, 2hr to 4hrs hours a week. Currently located in Chippendale. Undergraduate level 1, BUSN1030 Quantitative Methods in Business. 

    Need help revising to prepare for Quizzes & Exam:

    First Quiz Topics which include: breakeven analysis; fractions; powers; equations; data presentation;

    Second Quiz includes:  financial maths; interest rates; measuring central tendency; dispersion; assessing statistics.

    Third Quiz includes: probability and distribution: data collection and sampling; confidence intervals; 

    My email is below to contact me further and discuss hourly payment:

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