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Virtual Poster Pitch

  • 4 Jun 2020 1:03 PM
    Message # 9013846
    Marie-Louise Rankin (Administrator)

    The SSA wants to know what our student and early career members are working on. To find out, SSA’s Young Statisticians Network (YSN) is running a virtual Poster Pitch event via Zoom on Friday July 10 at 3pm. If you are one of our student or early career members, we want you to present your work to the world! Share your work and practice your communication skills, while describing your contribution to scientific knowledge.

    Participants will be required to submit their pitches in video format by July 1 at 8pm AEST. Pre-recorded videos will be aired on event day. The audience and a panel of experts will judge the pitches and prizes will be awarded to the best pitches of the day.

    Who can participate?

    We strongly encourage students and early career members (i.e., within 5 years of graduation) to participate.


    • One participant can submit one video
    • The video can contain only two slides (refer to What we need from you)
    • Pitches must be 1 to 3 minutes long. We will cut off the video at three minutes!
    • Presentations are to be spoken word. No poems, videos or props are accepted.
    • Must be predominantly in English

    Time and date of event

    Video poster pitches will be aired Friday, July 10th at 3 pm AEST.

    What we need from you

    Participation is only open to SSA members (membership is only $20 a year for full time students!)

    Participants will need to submit their video by July 1. Their video should include:

    1)        Title slide: Include author’s full name, affiliations and contact email which attendees can contact you on.
    2)     Content slide: Create a landscape poster that creatively illustrates your research.

    Your content slide should explain your research and main outcomes, be concise and reader friendly, particularly given these posters will be presented in a video and virtual setting. Posters can be fitted as PDF slides in landscape format (120 cm wide x 90 cm high).

    Acceptable file types include .m4v or .mp4 formats. The video resolution should be 1920x1080.

    Where to submit your video

    Click here to fill out a brief form. You can either (a) directly upload your video using the form or (b) upload your video to Vimeo and submit the link in the space provided on the form. If you have any issues when submitting your form, email the YSN Chair Janan Arslan. Alternatively, you can message the YSN via Twitter.

    Submission Deadline

    Submit your pre-recorded video by July 1st at 8 pm AEST.

    Poster Pitch Judging Criteria

    What makes a good poster pitch?

    1)        The research problem and solutions presented should be clearly explained
    2)     The impact of the research is clearly described
    3)      The presentation follows a clear and logical sequence
    4)      The presentation is engaging and makes the audience want to know more
    5)      The presentation is accessible to a general audience and does not excessively include jargon
    6)      The poster presented can easily be viewed by the audience (i.e.information is not crammed, and text is readable)
    7)      The presenter is confident and demonstrates enthusiasm about their research topic

    Prior to event

    A Zoom link and Poster Pitch Presentation Program (i.e., highlighting which video has been allocated to which timeslot) will be sent sometime July 4th. The order of presenters will be determined using a random allocation.

    What will happen on the day?

    All attendees will log on at the same time. The YSN Chair will moderate the event. Submitted videos will be played on the day. The order of the videos will be based on the Program sent prior to the event.

    A People’s Choice Award will be given based on the judgement of (a) attendees at the event who will vote on their favorite presentations via Zoom poll, and (b) our panel of judges. The winner and runner-up will be announced at the end of the event.

    We recommend attendees who have further questions regarding the content of a video email the presenter directly (using the email address presented in the title slide).


    The top two pitches as judged by the audience and the panel of experts will receive a certificate. The winner will receive a special slot to talk about their research at the Young Statisticians Conference on the Gold Coast in 2021, and their registration fees will be automatically waived. The runner-up will receive a one-year subscription to Significance.

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