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Introduction to Linear Regression (Basic Statistics Stream)

  • 29 Sep 2022 2:44 PM
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    Jodi Phillips (Administrator)

    Introduction to Linear Regression (Basic Statistics Stream)- 25 Oct 2022, 2:00 PM @ Online

    Linear Regression is a core technique as data analysts seek to understand the strength of the association between variables in a dataset, and specifically to understand:

    * Is there a relationship between variables (as seen by the P-value and the 95% Confidence Interval)?

    * How quickly does one variable change in response to another variable (the slope of the line or the regression coefficient)?

    * How much uncertainty is there in estimating the regression coefficient (the standard error)?


    In this webinar we introduce the technique of Linear Regression. Specifically we will look at:

    * Regression coefficients, standard errors, 95% confidence intervals, and P-values

    * Measures of model fit

    * Simple regression (with one variable as the predictor)

    * Multiple regression (with more than one variable as the predictor)

    * A brief comment about assumptions and diagnostics (how do we assess whether regression can be applied to our dataset)


    Prior knowledge

    No previous knowledge of regression or statistics is assumed of webinar participants, though participants with prior knowledge will be more able to appreciate the more advanced material within the webinar.


    About this webinar series

    Dr Mark Griffin, presents a free monthly webinar series introducing various methods used in Business Analytics (where these webinars are categorized into the themes of Analytics Strategy, Survey Design, Basic Statistics, Advanced Statistics, Data Mining, and Data Visualization). This webinar series is targeted at a broad audience who seek a better understanding of Business Analytics, and is open both to SSA members and non-members. These webinars are being jointly organized by the Statistical Society of Australia (Section for Business Analytics), the International Institute of Business Analysis (Special Interest Group for Business Analytics), and Insight Research Services Associated.


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