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Old and new ANZSTAT

  • 27 Aug 2020 9:18 AM
    Reply # 9192781 on 8976241

    Hey Ruth, to change your notification settings there's two things you need to do:

    1. Click 'subscribe to forum' on the forum you want to receive notifications for (general topics, event announcements, jobs and scholarships)
    2. Go to your membership profile (Click 'Members login' in the navbar -> click your name -> go to 'Email subscriptions' -> 'Edit profile') then change the frequency at which you'd like to receive updates and save the changes.

    I would like to note that there may be an issues with getting daily updates (myself and others are receiving several emails per day rather than 1). We are aware of this problem and are working on getting it fixed.

    With regards to seeing the posts in your inbox, at the moment the emails you will receive will only display the topic title, not the actual content of the topic. You'll need to click through to the forum to read the post. I've got this on my list of features our forum members would like to see, so we'll see what we can do.

    Edit: This video by Adrian Barnett also demonstrates how to set up subscriptions, from 1:29 relates to what you are asking.

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  • 27 Aug 2020 6:36 AM
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    Someone below mentions getting daily notifications: where can I switch those on? I have searched, but cannot find a switch for that and I also cannot find any guides as to how to use the list (ie switch on notifications, change any other settings).

    My preference is to see all posts in my email box- as I had for the old list. Notifications are better than no email though. If I dont get emails,  I'll probably only remember to look at the list on an infrequent basis- so 2 steps forward 1 (or 3?) back....

  • 26 Aug 2020 2:31 PM
    Reply # 9190664 on 8976241

    John, thank you for the clearly laid out feedback. I'm collating as much feedback as I can with a view to creating an actionable plan, so your response helps greatly.

    I would also like to highlight that there was a committee which investigated many alternatives to the mailing list (as we long knew it was going to be shut down), and this forum was decided to be the best option for many reasons, including:

    • It's accessible by people from government institutions, many of the other services were blocked
    • Allowing customisable notifications - hence the splitting of topics into general, jobs, and events. Users of the mailing list have complained previously about not wanting to receive job adverts or other topics they deemed irrelevant, so the current format of the forum allows for this
    • No more unsubscribe emails (hurrah!)
    The tl;dr is that this is the best (not perfect) substitute for the mailing list and it will only get better if we work together on improving it.

    By the way, if people want to email me feedback directly rather than posting it publicly on the forum, you can send it to

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  • 26 Aug 2020 1:47 PM
    Reply # 9190588 on 8976241

    It seems that the structure of the new list is a significant part of the problem.  The old ANZSTAT effectively had no structure which in some cases meant that messages could get mixed up (messages on a theme posted in parallel) but it also meant that a user did not have to navigate a structure.  This topic I am posting to is confusing since there is another topic (Adventures in Navigating the SSA Web Pages) that is arguably part of this theme.

    I like the American Statistical Society platform that sends out email with full content of new postings organised as threads and links back to the website.  This means you can quickly see what has been posted and by who.

    Other niggles:

    • The new ANZSTAT is the pagination.  Having to click through multiple pages because someone decided to serve up items ten at a time makes it more difficult to find content.  Is it possible to have this user controlled?
    • Related to that, no search facility for ANZSTAT itself.  With the old list I could search in my email client.  How do I find which topic something is posted to.
    • What does it mean by "subscribing to a topic"?  Not obvious.

    Regards John

  • 26 Aug 2020 10:01 AM
    Reply # 9190385 on 8976241

    Hey Ian,

    I also experienced the same problem with the daily notifications coming in seemingly hourly, it seems to have been related to the pinned posts which we have since removed. Apologies for that, as with the uptake of any new platform there are going to be some teething issues.

    I hope though that you do continue to persist with the new format of ANZSTAT as your (and many others) contributions have been very valuable to me personally, and likely most other people on the list. As I mentioned to John Maindonald in his thread, any feedback that you and others are able to provide in the early stages will help us improve the experience for everyone.

    Personally, I hope that the discussion forum becomes as frequently used, if not more so, than the old mailing list, becoming a useful and more easily accessible resource. I imagine there were many useful email threads I missed out on that occurred before I subscribed to the mailing list.


  • 26 Aug 2020 9:50 AM
    Reply # 9190374 on 8976241

    As someone who was subscribed to the old ANZstat almost from the beginning (and who remained subscribed, even when there was a barrage of irrelevant e-mails), I am struggling to see how this is an improvement on the old e-mail list - it certainly doesn't generate less e-mail - in the 24 hours to 12:20am this morning I have received, via e-mail, no less than 25 supposedly "Daily" summaries of updates from the various forums on this site.

    I have adjusted some of my subscription options in the hope that may stop the barrage. I may soon be retiring the ANU e-mail address I have had since the advent of e-mail - I certainly wont miss having to filter all the spam and if my continued SSA membership continues to be one of the primary sources of said spam, I may think twice about continuing that into retirement as well.

    Yours, getting grumpy as well as old, Ian McD

  • 25 Aug 2020 1:52 PM
    Reply # 9188232 on 9188231
    Adrian Barnett wrote:Sorry Richard, the old list was not under our control, so we couldn't do anything like that.  

    Have you asked them? They won't have deleted it.


  • 25 Aug 2020 1:48 PM
    Reply # 9188231 on 8976241
    Sorry Richard, the old list was not under our control, so we couldn't do anything like that.  
  • 25 Aug 2020 12:59 PM
    Reply # 9188207 on 8976241

    Have you archived the old list? The notification email says everything is to be deleted.


  • 25 Aug 2020 7:55 AM
    Reply # 9187891 on 8976241

    I have now had a third (or fourth, of one counts an indirect request) inquiring whether I know where to go now in place of the former ANZSTAT list.  I doubt that I am the only person who has received such emails.  I am not sure whether this is the best place to post this (I will also contact Adrian and Mary-Louise directly), but it does seem to me that a message should go out to all members of the old list apprizing/reminding them of the new arrangements.

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