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Sessions 3 & 4: The Statistics Wars and Their Casualties workshop (Forwarded)

  • 27 Oct 2022 3:44 PM
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    Thanks for posting this. I did enjoy most of these talks.

  • 22 Oct 2022 8:05 AM
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    We are delighted to announce the speakers for Sessions 3 & 4 of The Statistics Wars and Their Casualties workshop ( Both sessions will be held on Thursdays from 15:00 to 18:15 pm London time/10:00 am – 1:15 pm EST, on December 1 and 8 respectively. 

    Session 3 (Moderator: Daniël Lakens, Eindhoven University of Technology)

    • Daniele Fanelli (London School of Economics and Political Science) The neglected importance of complexity in statistics and Metascience  (Abstract)
    • Stephan Guttinger (University of Exeter) What are questionable research practices? (Abstract)
    •  David J. Hand (Imperial College, London) What’s the question? (Abstract)

    Session 4 (Moderator: Deborah Mayo, Virginia Tech)

    • Jon Williamson (University of Kent) Causal inference is not statistical inference (Abstract)
    • Margherita Harris (London School of Economics and Political Science) On Severity, the Weight of Evidence, and the Relationship Between the Two (Abstract)
    • Aris Spanos (Virginia Tech) Revisiting the Two Cultures in Statistical Modeling and Inference as they relate to the Statistics Wars and Their Potential Casualties (Abstract)
    • Uri Simonsohn (Esade Ramon Llull University) Mathematically Elegant Answers to Research Questions No One is Asking (meta-analysis, random effects models, and Bayes factors) (Abstract)

    The slides and videos from Sessions 1 and 2 of The Statistics Wars and Their Causalities workshop are posted online here. Please check for updates to the schedule here. 

    If you registered for the first half of the workshop, you do not need to register again. For those who haven't registered for the workshop yet, please fill out the form at this link

    We would be very grateful if you would forward this e-mail to interested colleagues.

    If there are questions, please contact: 

    Jean Miller 


    Margherita Harris 

    Warmest Wishes, 

    D. Mayo 

    R. Frigg  

    M. Harris

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