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Planning to change old Apple imac to Linux - a question.

  • 29 Nov 2021 7:34 AM
    Reply # 12152426 on 12150923

    Hi Murray,

    I haven't tried it myself, but Linux can provide read/write access to NTFS filesystems in various ways. The exact details will depend on your Linux distribution.

    I don't use ArchLinux but (as usual) their documentation on this topic was the best I found:

    Also, the latest Linux kernel integrates an NTFS driver, which should be more streamlined than the NTFS-3G method. But my guess is your distribution will still be using an older kernel version -- unless you jump through further hoops to set it up.



  • 28 Nov 2021 7:32 AM
    Message # 12150923

    I think that I know how to do this, but I am wondering about the implications for my external drives.

    At the moment I have a few 1TB NTFS drives and some smaller FAT32 drives.  As it stands my imac can read the NTFS drives but not write to them. My question is whether this situation will change after conversion to Linux? If so, what sort of access will I then have to the NTFS drives?

    (I presume that R/W access to the FAT32 drives will continue unchanged.)

    Ta/Tak,    Murray Jorgensen

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