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"When in doubt take logs" - origins, usage today

  • 11 May 2021 4:28 PM
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    I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with the phrase "When in doubt take logs", its origins, and usage today?

    A tweet reports Sir David R. Cox said it at IBC2014, Florence,

    The great man himself has written saying:

    "It used to be called the first law of data analysis (in the physical and engineering sciences): when in doubt take logs.

    And was particularly associated with so called dimensional analysis of power law like arrangements, a very powerful technique.

    I seem to recall Kolmogorov applied it to turbulence with great effect"

    The very helpful Nick Cox has said:

    "I have often seen that statement attributed to David Wallace who was in the Chicago Dept for many years."

    A short publication has the phrase as its title:

    Any more thoughts are welcome!

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