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This Section focuses on the methodology behind official statistics production, storage, dissemination, deployment and use. It invites participation from members interested or involved in theory, design, collection, management, storage and presentation of population, enterprise and process data in public policy sphere.

It has had a close association in the past with Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) through its survey methodology units and now represents the broadening sector of statisticians engaged outside the ABS at different levels of government. It has links with the international community through IAOS and IASS – the arms of ISI dealing with official and survey statistics respectively, and with more specialised bodies with scope in these broad fields.

The Section has organised one-day workshops at the last few Australian Statistics conferences on topics of current interest – notably panel surveys and missing data. In the non-ASC years, half-day workshops have been organised, either in Wollongong or Canberra or both. Included have been sessions on data linkage, confidentiality and imputation, attracting participants from across Australia and New Zealand. It would like to extend such events to cover emerging issues in the region and looks forward to cooperation with other Sections and Branches in the society on these and other possible projects.

The Section aims to represent the professional interests of all major employers of government statisticians, and consultants working principally in the public sphere. It remains independent of employers, and respects the normal protocols concerning sharing and ownership of public assets, or information accessed under privilege in the course of employment. On behalf of the society the Section is exploring cooperative arrangements with allied professional organisations.

Your ideas on the Life of the Section

Over the next few months, we will be implementing initiatives that will re-invigorate the activity of the section. We hope to be able to draw upon the diverse background of section members and facilitate member communications, discussion, debates, and knowledge sharing. We also hope to provide section members with value for their membership in the section.

Suggestions on events, direction or activity, or know of developments, local or otherwise, that may be of interest to other members are strongly encouraged.

Please contact one of the convenors, pass through the SSAI office for placement on the Section page, or email the Section mailing list address.

Membership and Subscribing to the Section Newsletter

A newsletter will be sent to Section members on a regular basis. To become a Section member, please send your request to the Section mailing list address or contact one of the convenors.  All Section members will receive the newsletter.

The Section also has a standalone website which has been been updated and includes on events, links to online resources and a recommended reading list. We are currently adding to our Official Statistics reading list. If you have other references that you have found useful, please do not hesitate to let us know what they are and we will add them to the reading list.

Finally, if you have other suggestions on how to make the section more active, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Stephen Horn (Chair)


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