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The Statistical Society of Australia is committed to being a strong advocate for the statistical discipline both within Australia, and to our neighbouring community. As part of this effort we have just initiated the establishment of an SSAI International Travel Grant enabling one recipient an award of $2000AUD towards being able to attend the joint Australian Statistical Conference/IMS Annual meeting, to be held 7-10 July 2014 in Sydney. This has only been possible thanks to the Strategic Relationship agreement between SSAI and CSIRO and CSIRO’s generous sponsorship.

The recipient will be chosen according to (a) whether they come from a country/cultural context where the recipient would not have the financial resources to attend the conference if they did not receive this financial support and (b) the impact the recipient would expect to make within their home context as a result of attending the SSAI conference. As this is the first time that this award will be on offer then 2014 will be our first trial-run, and if this program is successful then we expect to continue this program in future years.

At this point in time I am looking for volunteers to serve on a Grant committee with me that will coordinate the administration of this scholarship. The major tasks for this Committee are to design the promotional material that will be used to advertise this scholarship, to generate a list of organisations and people that we can contact when promoting this Travel Grant, to review the applications that we will receive for this Travel Grant and jointly decide on the successful recipient. It is expected that these committee members will have two or three one-hour Skype calls throughout the next year, and will each have up to ten hours of work for the committee over the next year.

If you would like to volunteer to serve on this committee could you please send an email to me at [email protected] with just a couple of sentences outlining your interest and the expertise that you would bring to the committee. Depending upon the number of volunteers I may need to choose between interested volunteers. If not enough responses are received, this offer will be extended to non-member statisticians via the ANZSTAT list.

Could you please email me by Friday the 30th of August, and we will then have our first Skype call immediately after that.

If you are interested in this Travel Grant program but do not want to serve on this committee then please stay tuned to the SSAI website and the anzstat email list. We will publish the promotional material on the website and send it to the anzstat list and will ask list members to forward that material on to any interested colleagues.


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