International Engagement

The Statistical Society of Australia enjoys a position of prominence within the international statistical community. We enjoy a strong relationship with the American Statistical Association – the current International Representative to the ASA Board is a long-term SSAI member, the SSAI has provided key advice and consultation to the ASA as they set up a professional accreditation model, and in November last year we established a Special-Interest Group within the ASA entitled the Friends of Australasia. In July this year we will establish a new conference series entitled the International Conference for Health Statistics in the Pacific Islands, as a joint activity between the SSAI, the ASA, the International Chinese Statistical Association, the Korean International Statistical Society, and local Pacific Island partners. Finally as with similar conferences, at the SSAI conference in Perth in December 2010 approximately one quarter of the delegates at this conference were from outside Australia.

In order to facilitate and grow our strong relationships with our international partners the SSAI Section for International Engagement was established in April 2011. While this new Section will have a very broad scope, the initial activities for this group are as follows:

  • To organize activities at the Joint Statistical Meeting in the US, in collaboration with the ASA Friends of Australasia
  • To organize an international dinner at each SSAI Australian Statistical Conference to welcome and celebrate our international delegates and to inform local delegates about relevant international statistical activities
  • To organize seminar sessions as the ASC conference with an International theme
  • To further support and promote the International Conference for Health Statistics in the Pacific Islands, and other international statistical events (particularly within the Asia-Pacific region)

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