Queensland Branch Xmas meeting

Tuesday 1st December 2015

Time:        From 16:45 for a 17:00 start   (duration of seminar 1h).  Non-members welcome (as always).

Cost:        Free

Location: Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point Campus, Z Block, Room 504 (GP-Z-504) followed by Christmas nibbles in Z Block Gibson Room (GP-Z1064).

Speaker:  Professor Kerrie Mengersen, Queensland University of Technology.

Title:         Let loose: Statisticians stalking jaguars in the jungle (or the other way around).

Abstract: Whatever induced a desk-bound statistician to invent and lead an expedition to the Amazon to help create a corridor for jaguars to move through the jungle of Peru? What possessed her to think about using brand new mixed reality 360 degree film and photos to elicit expert opinions about jaguar habitat, in order to combine this information with data in spatial statistical models? Who was silly enough to sign on to the adventure, letting mathematicians, statisticians, film-makers and spatial ecologists loose in the jungle?

If I turn up for this presentation, I will have just successfully returned from our travels and will regale you with stories of jaguars and the jungle, and the odd statistician!

Biography: Kerrie Mengersen is a statistician whose research interests are in Bayesian and other modern methods for statistical modelling and computation. She currently holds a Chair in Statistics at Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Professor Mengersen has maintained an active collaborative and consultancy profile in both the development of statistical methods and in their application to a wide variety of problems in environment, health and industry. She is a Deputy Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers, which aims for research excellence and its translation to collaborative domains in Healthy People, Sustainable Environments and Prosperous Societies. For the past decade Kerrie has led the Bayesian Research and Applications Group (BRAG) which aims to engage in world-class, relevant fundamental and collaborative statistical research, training and application through  Bayesian and other modern methods.  Professor Mengersen was announced as one of 15 new ARC Laureate Fellows for 2015 for her project, Bayesian Learning for Decision Making in the Big Data Era.

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