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Past presidents

1962-65 P.A.P. Moran
1965-67 H.O. Lancaster
1967-69 D.W. Maitland
1969-71 C.W. Pratt
1971-73 K.R.W. Brewer
1973-75 E.J. Williams
1975-77 J.H. Pollard
1977-79 C.A. McGilchrist
1979-81 C.C. Heyde
1981-83 E.J. Hannan
1983-85 J.N. Darroch
1985-87 R.L. Tweedie
1987-89 D.J. Trewin
1989-91 R.G. Jarrett
1991-93 T.C. Brown
1993-95 R.L. Sandland
1995-97 H.L. MacGillivray
1997-99 D.F. Nicholls
1999-2001 I.R. James
2001- ..... N.I Fisher
2004-06 N.R. Bartlett
2006-08 K.E. Basford
2008-10 W. Dunsmuir
2010-12 G. Lee
2012-14 K. Mengersen
2014-16 J. Henstridge
2016-18 S. Sisson
2018-20 A. Barnett
2020-22 J. Kasza

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SSA is the home for professionals working in statistics. A place where you belong, connect with others, advance your career and feel inspired.

Our core purpose is to connect you with great people and great opportunities, so you can be successful in your current role and with your career aspirations.

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