Canberra Branch Council 2019-20

President: Francis Hui (ANU)
ssacanberra "at"

Vice President: Mr Warren Muller (CSIRO)
warren.muller “at”

Treasurer: Dr Gwenda Thompson (ABS) 
gwenda.thompson “at”

Acting Secretary: Mr Warren Muller (CSIRO)
warren.muller “at”

Assistant Secretary: Mr Philip Tennant 
philipt900 “at”


Mr Daniel Fearnley (ABS)
daniel.fearnley “at”

Dr Ray Lindsay
ray.lindsay “at”

Dr Pauline Ding
pauline.ding “at”

Tom Lawrence
tjlawrence "at"

Nidhi Menon
nidhi.menon “at”

Dr Jiali Wang “at”

Membership Committee Representative: Mr Warren Muller
warren.muller “at”

Young Statisticians Representative: Nidhi Menon
nidhi.menon “at”

SSA Executive Officer: Marie-Louise Rankin
eo “at”

SSA Treasurer: Stephen Horn
srthorn “at”

Auditor: John Sutton
sutt06 “at”

Branch WebMaster: Prof Michael Martin
michael.martin “at”

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