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***Please note this meeting will be held on a Thursday***

The South Australian Branch of the Statistical Society would like to invite you to the May talk of the 2016 program.

Venue: Room 210, Napier Building, North Terrace, Adelaide University.
Campus map is available at

***Please note that most entrance doors to Adelaide University buildings close at 6pm so make sure you arrive in time for the talk.

5.30pm – Refreshments in the Lecture Theatre.
6.05pm – General Meeting Talk.
7.30 pm – A dinner will be held after the meeting at Taj Tandoor, 290 Rundle Street, Adelaide.
Please rsvp for dinner to [email protected] by 23rd May.

Speakers: Dr Lewis Mitchell (University of Adelaide)

Topic: Happiness and the shapes of stories

Abstract: The advent of so-called ‘sentiment analysis’ techniques in recent years has led to novel methods for extracting information from large, unstructured, text-based corpora. In this talk I will review work we have done using one such tool called the ‘hedonometer’, developed to measure population-level happiness from text. I will talk about recent work applying such tools to examine the emotional trajectories of stories such as films and books, and how meaningful features of stories such as genre are encoded within the trajectory of the story. We will look at examples of emotional content analysis across literature, film and even social media, and discuss ways in which these simple algorithms may be used for prediction of population-level events.

Dr Lewis Mitchell is a lecturer in applied mathematics at the University of Adelaide. His background is in applying mathematical models to predict complex physical and social systems, in particular techniques for assimilating real data into predictive models. In the past Lewis has worked on ocean wave models and ensemble data assimilation methods for forecasting in chaotic dynamical systems such as weather. Since being introduced to the fields of complex systems and computational social science during a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Vermont, Lewis has started to work on sentiment analysis for social media, human dynamics, and disease prediction. Some of his current interests involve understanding information flows across social networks, and the interaction between both mass and social media on the spread of diseases.

Feel free to forward this meeting notice to colleagues, all welcome.

Paul Sutcliffe
SA Branch
Statistical Society of Australia
Tel. 0438 446 064
[email protected]

When: 26/05/2016
Time: 5:30 pm - 7:15 pm
Cost: Free
Location: Room 210, Napier Building, North Terrace, Adelaide University.,
Room 210, Napier Building, North Terrace,,

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