Queensland Branch Meeting

TIME: 5:00 pm for Pizza and drinks followed by talk at 5:30, Tuesday 22 May 2018
VENUE: Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point, Z Block, The Gibson Room 1064 (take the lifts to floor 10)
TITLE: Using Bayesian Profile Regression to identify groups of lifestyles associated with different types of cyber abuse victimization
SPEAKER: Zarina Vakhitova, Griffith University
Recent research suggests that cyber abuse is a complex phenomenon, which could involve direct, indirect and mixed methods of abuse. This study examines whether victims’ lifestyles and routine activities can help explain the risk of victimization from different types of cyber abuse and non-victimization. An online survey with a nationwide crowdsourced sample (N=1,463) collected through Mechanical Turk and Bayesian Profile Regression analysis were used to answer the research question. The recently developed R package PReMiuM was used to fit the Bayesian Profile Regression. Unlike conventional regression analysis, it also allows estimating the simultaneous effect of many highly correlated variables, while handling missing data. Bayesian Profile Regression analysis identified five population subgroups based on their lifestyles and routine activities in terms of the associated risk of personal victimization from different types of cyber abuse. The talk discusses the differences in lifestyles and routine activities between the identified groups. The advantages of using Bayesian Profile Regression over other clustering methods will also be discussed.
Zarina Vakhitova is a PhD student (Griffith University) specialising in criminology and criminal justice. She is also a researcher working for Queensland Police Service. Her research interests include environmental criminology, situational crime prevention and cybercrime, quantitative methods of social research and Bayesian statistical analysis. She is published in Crime Prevention and Community Safety, Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, International Review of Criminology and others.

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Queensland Branch Meeting
When: 22/05/2018
Time: 5:00 pm
Cost: Free

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