Queensland AGM and Branch Event

Time:       Refreshments from 16:30, AGM at 16:50 and

joint SSAQLD and ACEMS talk around 17:10 (duration of seminar 1h).

Non-members welcome (as always).

Location: Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point Campus, E Block, Room 410

Members and guests are welcome to join the speaker afterwards at a nearby restaurant.

Speaker:  Professor Jim Albert, Statistics at Bowling Green State University, USA.

Title:          Detecting Streakiness Using a Bayes Factor

Abstract: A general problem in sports is assessing the significance of streaky or hot-hand performances.  Here we focus on the spacings or gaps between successes in baseball hitting data.  Consistent and streaky hitting models are defined on the basis of the underlying hitting probabilities and a Bayes factor statistic is used to measure the support for the streaky model.  One assesses the significance of the streaky patterns in many binary sequences by comparing the Bayes factors with predictions from a consistent hitting model.

Biography: Jim Albert is Professor of Statistics at Bowling Green State University.  His interests include Bayesian modeling, statistics education, computational statistics, and the application of statistical thinking in sports.  His books include Curve Ball (with Jay Bennett), Ordinal Data Modeling (with Val Johnson), Teaching Statistics Using Baseball, and Analyzing Baseball with R (with Max Marchi).


Queensland AGM and Branch Event
When: 07/03/2017
Time: 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Cost: Free

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