Cutting through the ‘entrepreneurial university’ rhetoric – A bibliometric analysis

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Dr Martin Bliemel

University of Technology Sydney 

Cutting through the ‘entrepreneurial university’ rhetoric – A bibliometric analysis
This study provides a clarification of what comprises the ‘entrepreneurial university.’ The concept has a long history, leading to a seminal taxonomy in 2007 (Rotheraemel, Agung and Jiang). However, there is little consensus on what it means for a university to be entrepreneurial, and the components of entrepreneurial universities have changed significantly in the past decade.

This study identifies key articles and themes within the past decade of literature. To do so, this study employs a computationally assisted bibliometic analysis of the literature to extract key themes related to the entrepreneurial university. A corpus consisting of 1,545 articles across 380 journals was created using keyword searches in Scopus, Web of Science and Google Scholar. Keywords included the ‘traditional’ keywords from Rothaermel et al. (2007) as well as ‘contemporary’ keywords from Wright, Seigel and Mustar (2017).

Using word co-occurrence analysis on the entire corpus, a list of the top 100 keywords and their semantic networks was generated. These keywords were distilled to a pathfinder network that concisely presents a hierarchy of themes within the literature, which were then grouped into 7 macro-themes. The network map of these themes helps cut through the rhetoric of what might constitute an entrepreneurial university, hopefully leading to more fruitful debates about what the role of the university in society is. 


Dr Martin Bliemel is the Director of the Diploma in Innovation at the new Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). He is a member of the advisory committee for the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research Exchange (ACERE) and for the Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report. Martin’s research interests include entrepreneurial networks, accelerators, education, research commercialization, and entrepreneurial ecosystems. He has been bringing these interests together under the umbrella concept of the entrepreneurial university. In particular, his work on accelerators played a key role in the design of the $23m Incubator Support Programme by the Department of Industry. Martin’s research has been published in several prestigious journals including Nature NanotechnologyEntrepreneurship Theory and PracticeEducation+TrainingInternational Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, and the Entrepreneurship Research Journal where one of his articles on entrepreneurship education is ERJ’s most downloaded article. Martin is a recipient of the nationally competitive Office of Learning and Teaching Citation for “For preparing students studying management to become entrepreneurs by creating authentic and respectful learning experiences that immerse students in collaborative interactions with external stakeholders.”
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