Characterising the epidemiology of influenza. A/Prof. Joshua Ross (University of Adelaide)

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The South Australian Branch of the Statistical Society would like to invite you to the August meeting of the 2017 program.

Venue: Napier 210, Napier Building, North Terrace, Adelaide University. Campus map is available at

***Please note that most entrance doors to Adelaide University buildings close at 6pm so make sure you arrive in time for the talk.


5.30pm – Refreshments in the Lecture Theatre.

6.05pm – General Meeting Talk.

7.30 pm – A dinner will be held after the meeting at Café Michael 2, 204 Rundle Street, Adelaide.

Please rsvp for dinner to [email protected] by 21st August.

Speaker: A/Prof. Joshua Ross (University of Adelaide)

Topic: Characterising the epidemiology of influenza

Abstract: In the early stages of an influenza pandemic, it is critical to ascertain the transmissibility and severity of the strain as quickly as possible. A better understanding of the epidemiology of influenza, gained from analysis of previous pandemics, and seasonal epidemics, is also important, as our understanding is surprisingly limited. I will discuss research which addresses each of these topics, with a focus on the underlying statistical methods.

Biography: Joshua Ross is an Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics, ARC Future Fellow, and Director of Research in the School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Adelaide. He was awarded the 2016 JH Michell Medal of ANZIAM, and the 2017 Moran Medal of the Australian Academy of Science. His research interests are: Modelling in Ecology, Epidemiology and Evolution; Stochastic modelling; Bayesian computational statistics; and Operations Research.

Characterising the epidemiology of influenza. A/Prof. Joshua Ross (University of Adelaide)
When: 23/08/2017
Time: 5:30 pm - 7:15 pm
Cost: Free
Location: Room 210 Napier building,
north terrace ,

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