Belz Lecture and Dinner 2013

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Tuesday 29th October 2013, 5:45PM – Synthesising medical literature

The Maurice H. Belz Lecture is an annual lecture established by the Statistical Society to honour the work of Professor Belz in establishing and advancing the science of statistics in Australia. Maurice Belz was the Foundation Professor of Statistics at the University of Melbourne (1955 to 1963).

The 2013 Belz Lecture will be given by Professor Ian White, Medical Research Council, Cambridge, on Tuesday 29th October.


Meta-analysis involves the statistical summary of a set of studies addressing the same question, and is widely practised in medicine for synthesising the randomised trials evaluating a treatment or other intervention. Where there are gaps in the literature, some statisticians use indirect comparisons, where two interventions are compared using randomised trials comparing each of them to a third intervention. Increasingly, however, there is a need for a comparison of a set of

interventions in order to decide which of them is the best, and this has led to the field of network meta-analysis. Professor White will talk about the assumptions required to perform network meta-analysis, some statistical models used, and some potentially controversial topics that can arise with heterogeneous or inconsistent networks.

The Belz Dinner follows the lecture.  This year’s three-course meal with wine will be at University House, Professors Walk, The University of Melbourne.  The all-inclusive cost is $60 per head or $30 per head for student members.  The cost of an SSAI student membership is $20.

For your convenience, the booking form for the dinner is available here: Belz Lecture and Dinner 2013.

Please make your booking for the dinner as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact Sandy Clarke,  Secretary, SSAI Victorian Branch.


Belz Lecture and Dinner 2013
When: 29/10/2013
Time: 5:45 pm
Cost: $20-$60 (Dinner)
Location: The University of Melbourne,
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Richard Berry Building,
VIC 3100

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