Advanced Bayesian regression talk

A joint Griffith University Social and Behavioural Research College and Statistical Society of Australia Event

Time:        3.30pm for pre-seminar tea/coffee and mingle; 4.30-5.30pm Seminar; 5.30-6.00pm Networking opportunity

Register to attend seminar(s) via an online form at Please note there are some of places available for Bayesian Regression talk at 2:30. All other queries, including those about dinner, via email to [email protected].

Non-members of SSAI welcome (as always).

Location: Griffith University, Southbank campus. Venue will be advised upon registration.

Speaker:  Professor Murray Aitken, Department of Statistics, Uni of Melbourne

Title:         Advanced Bayesian regression

Abstract: Current data analyses, whether frequentist or Bayesian, are based on specific probability models (like the normal or Poisson). The analysis requires additional attention to the model assumption, and changing it if the assumption seems inappropriate. Standard “model-based” analyses can be made “robust” against the probability model assumption by a form of “weighting” using the multinomial distribution as a general probability model. A simple example is given of a Bayesian alternative to the two-sample t-test which does not require normality or common variance for its validity. Posterior sampling plays a fundamental role, as it does in most modern Bayesian data analyses.

Biography: Professor Murray Aitken has a stellar track record in both application of, and methodology for, statistics, primarily in the social sciences. He is currently Honorary Professorial Associate at the University of Melbourne, in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (2008-), and previously in the Department of Psychology (2004-2008). He has held visiting research positions at the Educational Testing Service (Fulbright Senior Fellow). Chief Statistician 2000-2002 at the American Institutes for Research, Washington DC and advisor to the National Centre for Education Statistics, US Department of Education. His qualifications include: BSc, PhD and DSc, Sydney University in Mathematical Statistics. Post-doctoral work was at the Psychometric Laboratory, University Of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He held lecturing positions at UNSW and Macquarie University. These were followed by research professor positions at Lancaster University (UK Social Science Research Council) and the University of Western Australia (ARC). He has also been Professor of Statistics at Lancaster University, Tel Aviv University and the University of Newcastle UK.

About GSBRC: The Griffith Social and Behavioural Research College works with its member research centres across the University in raising the profile and impact of the University’s social, behavioural, humanities, and creative and performing arts research. The University’s academic profile in these fields is a major contributor to its strong academic ranking internationally. The College and its member research centres are an important part of the University’s commitment to supporting research. In particular, the College provides research support through coordination of invited seminars on current and emerging research methodologies, and also houses two academic statisticians who advise on quantitative aspects for research, where this is of strategic importance. Both arms of the College have worked together with SSAI to organize this seminar from Professor Murray Aitkin.

When: 17/02/2016
Time: 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Cost: Free

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