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Games Night - Plan your escape from our virtual Escape Room

  • 10 Jul 2020
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • via Zoom, time is AEST


Sick of spending another Friday evening at home? Craving some social interaction with your peers? Hungry for some fabulous Domino's pizza - for free?

Let us entertain you. Join us for an evening of fun and games. Start planning your escape from our fabulous virtual Escape Room now!

This event is open and free to all student and early career SSA members. If you are not a member of the SSA, please visit our Memberships section to sign up (students can join for $20!).

Registration is required (click here to be directed to the form). You can register for the event (a) as a team, or (b) as an individual (and will be assigned to a team on the day of the event). Teams will consist of 3-4 people. Once you have completed the registration, you will receive a confirmation email that will include a Zoom link to the event.

The first 40 registered individuals will receive a free Domino’s pizza voucher via email. Participants can use these vouchers to provide their dinner for the game night!

Please review the schedule below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the YSN Chair via email or Twitter.

Registration deadline: You need to be registered before 6pm on 6 July 2020 to be able to participate.

We would like to thank Domino's for generously sponsoring this event.


Before the event

We recommend participants organise their pizzas before the event starts. This is a dinner and game night. Don’t be shy to eat your pizza during the event!

BYO drinks.

7:00 – 7:30 pm, Virtual Dinner and Introductions

Once participants log in, the moderator will introduce themselves and outline how the event will run. Participants will then be divided into their respective breakout rooms; this will allow the participants to meet and connect with their teammates for the night before the game officially begins. During this time, teams should select a Captain. This person will be responsible for clicking the link to the Escape Room and sharing their screen with the rest of their teammates; this will ensure the team is working together from the one screen.

7:30 – 8:25, The Games Begin!

The link to the Escape Room will be sent via chat to all participants 5 minutes before the game officially begins at 7:30 pm! Teams will have 55 minutes to complete the allocated Escape Room. The Captain will act based on the responses of teammates (e.g., click here or there!). We anticipate that the Escape Room should prove challenging and take up the full 55 minutes. However, if you happen to be a group that completes the allocated Escape Room before the 55 minutes is up, the Captain should contact the moderator through the “Ask for help” button. The moderator will join the group momentarily to share a link to another Escape Room to complete. The fun only ends when the time is up!

8:25 – 8:30 pm, Saying Goodbyes

Attendees will be returned to the main room for a final goodbye before the event ends. A survey link will be sent to all attendees (~2-3 minutes to complete) so that we can receive feedback for the event. Please complete the survey when you can, as it will help us shape future SSA events.

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