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Webinar: An introduction to business analytics beyond statistical analysis

  • 28 Oct 2019
  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM (AEDT)
  • via Zoom (AEDT)

A webinar with Mark Griffin, M.P. (Insight Research Services Associated)

While as statisticians we tend to focus on the mathematical modelling involved, in order to really play a significant role in the business analytics field statisticians need to understand the business context that their work is performed in.

Business Analytics is of immense interested in every sector as researchers seek to understand the patterns present within their datasets. Analytics is generally used to explore three questions:  what sort of products and services should our company deliver, can we understand our customers, and what can we do to improve our company's efficiency. In a recent survey 95% of company directors indicated that their companies were in the process of establishing capacity and capability for business analytics, and yet only 25% of these directors indicated that their companies were successful in these efforts. While many people believe that the "difficult part" of analytics is the statistics and IT involved, often the main reason why companies fail in their analytics efforts is because of a lack of a clear business strategy for how to introduce analytics into a company. This session will explore how statisticians can help companies develop a business strategy for analytics.

This session will explore five fundamental questions:

  *   What is business analytics (and what skillsets are needed)?

  *   What are the typical stages within an analytics project (statistical analysis is only one of them !!)

  *   Why should a company develop capacity and capability in Business Analytics?

  *   Why do most companies fail in their ability to adopt Business Analytics?

  *   What can statisticians do to help companies create a culture receptive to Business Analytics?

Biography of the presenter:

Dr Mark Griffin is the Founding Director of Insight Research Services Associated (<>), and holds academic appointments at the University of Queensland and the University of Sydney. Mark serves on the Executive Committee for the Statistical Society of Australia, and is the Founder and Co-Chair of the Section for Business Analytics. Mark is also the Founder and Co-Chair of the Special Interest Group for Business Analytics within the International Institute of Business Analysis. Since the formation of Insight he has presented over 90 two-day and 15 five-day workshops in statistics and business analytics around Australia and overseas.

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