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Vic Branch – A recipe for quantifying the impact of prevention

  • 28 May 2019
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (AEST)
  • Theatre 1, Level B1, 207-221 Bouverie St, Carlton VIC 3053
6pm – Talk
7:15pm - Social function at the Prince Alfred Rooftop & Bar

A recipe for quantifying the impact of prevention: mix epidemiology, economics, big data, statistics and simulation, then serve with league tables

This talk will focus on simulating the impact of public health interventions (e.g. sugar taxes, screening programmes) onto future health gain (e.g. health-adjusted life years) and cost impacts. In particular:

a) The rationale for WHY to do it.

b) HOW to do it, including multistate lifetable methods and the data inputs and outputs.

c) DISSEMINATING it with the Australia NZ Health Interventions League Table (ANZ-HILT) – a world first online tool for end-users.

Professor Tony Blakely is an epidemiologist and public health medicine specialist - who also strays into economics and big data. Since completing his PhD in 2001, he has focusing on answer public health research questions requiring the innovative application of methods from many disciplines. In his time at the University of Otago NZ (1998 to 2019) he pioneered the linkage of census and mortality data, and led research programmes on health inequalities and quantifying intervention health impacts. In 2019 he took up a full-time position at the University of Melbourne, to establish the Population Interventions Unit with the aim to:
"provide robust evidence on the health and cost impacts of population interventions, through causal inference and simulation approaches from epidemiology, economics and data science."

Following the talk there will be a social function at the Prince Alfred Rooftop and Bar. This event is open to all attendees - SSA members will receive a free drink, nibbles will be available for all attendees. If you wish to sign up to the SSA on the night, forms will be available.

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