New South Wales

The New South Wales branch of the Statistical Society of Australia Inc. implements within the state the overall objectives of the Society nationally. These are:

  • To further the study and application of statistical theory and methods in all branches of learning and enterprise;
  • To be of assistance to members in the practice of their profession.

We endeavour to achieve these objectives through:

  • Professional development activities for members;
  • Fostering the training of young statisticians;
  • Encouraging communication among members by the holding of monthly meetings.

The Branch welcomes applications for membership from anyone with a bona fide involvement or interest in the field. To list your event, or for other questions, please email [email protected]

SSAI NSW branch Council 2018 (in the email replace % for @)


President A/Prof Jake Olivier
Vice-President Dr. Michael Stewart
Secretary Dr. Emi Tanaka
Treasurer Dr. Boris Beranger
Assistant Secretary Mr. Runze Alex Xu
 Branch Councillors Mr. Ryan Defina
Prof. Matt Wand
Dr. Rachel Wang
Mr. Ardalan Mirzaei
 Young Stats Representative Mr. Hamish Lavery
 Membership Officer Dr. Emi Tanaka
 Newsletter Contact  Dr. Mark Donoghoe
Branch Website Administrator Mr. Rod Jacka

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