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Statistical Education Section - News

Please forward your latest statistical education news to the SSA Executive Officer ( for inclusion in monthly newsletters and this site – whether it’s a related school, higher education, industry or broader community event, information or activity. Sharing this is key to broadening our community, capacity, general knowledge and potential collaborations and support.

ICME 2024 bid
The SSA, via the Statistical Education section, is part of a consortium, led by former AAMT CEO Will Morony and UTas Prof Kim Beswick and including presidents and key representatives from MERGA, AAMT, AMSI, forming Australia’s bid to host the International Congress on Mathematical Education 2024.

International Data Science Curriculum
Stemming from the successful STEMS16 event, former SSA President Professor Nicholas Fisher has been coordinating an international consortium backed by SSA, NZSA, ASA, SSC, RSS, towards development of a senior school curriculum for Data Science. The SSA’s Statistical Education section is proudly supporting this initiative on the advisory group committee.

STA STEM Ambassador
Section Chair, A/Prof Peter Howley, has recently been named as one of 10 inaugural Science and Technology Australia’s STEM Ambassadors.

2017 news

Sustainability meets Statistics and STEM
In August a team of Prof Tim Roberts (Environmental sustainability), A/Prof Peter Howley (Statistics), Ms Latha Lewis (Engineer/Project Officer) and Korbinian Kraus (visiting German undergraduate student in Management of Renewable Energy) undertook a two-week road trip to Dubbo, Broken Hill, Griffith, Orange – visiting schools and running Professional Development teacher workshops at each location surrounding statistics, sustainability and STEM. This was funded by the Department of Education’s Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program.

Pre- and post-visit/workshop surveys were conducted – all measures improved post intervention. Students’ feelings of awareness and interest in statistics increased, on average, by 60-99% (on 7-point Likert Scale); teachers’ confidence in connecting students with valuable practice, and their perceptions of student enthusiasm in projects surrounding statistics and sustainability increased, on average, by 30-50%.

2016 news

The SSA submission regarding the Statistics component of the proposed Stage 6 Mathematics Syllabus (including Extensions 1 and 2) as developed by the NSW Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES), was submitted. Thank you to all who contributed to this discussion and final submission.

STEMS2016 ‘Putting Statistics into STEM in the Age of Data’ was a huge success. The colloquium united primary, secondary, tertiary education, industry and national board and educational organisation representatives, and commenced a critically important national dialogue on how the discipline of Statistics will address the rise and impact of big data on all aspects of education, society and life – and how schools and universities may adapt to meet these challenges.  A report of this event was co-authored by Louise Ryan, Nicholas Fisher, Michael Martin and Peter Howley.

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