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WA Branch September Meeting

9 Oct 2019 11:04 AM | Marie-Louise Rankin (Administrator)

In the September meeting of the WA Branch, Mr Matt Schneider (CEO of Optika Solutions) presented a talk on “Population Sampling a Mixed Method Study”.The talk is available on You Tube and also on this website.

Matt Schneider presented the talk on the 10th September at the University of Western Australia as part of the WA Branch of the monthly Statistical Society of Australia seminar series.

Optika Solutions is working with Water Corporation in transforming the way we think about urban water use in response to climate change and population growth challenges. H2OME incorporates the technology, data, and approach to determine how much water Perth should be using to preserve the liveability, amenity, and quality of life of the community.

The project aims to achieve this result through a multi-modal approach, using surveys, audits, and the installation of remote digital meters. Through a stratified sampling approach, with subpopulations grouped by region and household land size, the study guarantees representativeness across the Perth population to ensure the accuracy and applicability of these results.

The talk was around the use of a stratified sampling approach, populations and techniques that were looked at in selecting the overall approach.

H2OME has already been recognised, having won the Data Insights Of The Year category of the 2019 iAwards.

The talk brought many questions among other things about the pricing of water, and afterwards a select group attended a local nearby restaurant.


Matt Schneider is a founder and CEO of Optika Solutions. Optika is at the forefront of the algorithmic economy. Matt’s interests embrace the application of technology to innovative ground breaking solutions across a wide range of domains such as finance, mining, energy and health. Matt has orchestrated a wide range of consulting engagements both within Australia and overseas. These engagement have had transformational outcomes for the customers and delivered significant Return on Investment (ROI).

Scribe:  Brenton R Clarke

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