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Latest election news from Science &Technology Australia

29 Apr 2019 12:27 PM | Marie-Louise Rankin (Administrator)

Last week, we heard announcements from the major parties around the environment, equity in STEM and defence.

Below we have included relevant links for new announcements and added them to our running tally on our website (accessible by logging on to our members' section). You'll also find key stories and interviews to provide some broader context for how science is being framed in each of the parties' campaigns.

Please also help us spread the word about science, technology and their role in Australia's future - a short clip on science and art conservation is our latest feature (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). A new case study will be released each week, shared online using #SolveitwithScience

Please find a range of relevant links below, and be in touch if we can support your work to get science on the agenda during the Federal Election.

Kind regards,

Kylie Walker
Science and Technology Australia


Current Election Commitments:



Information resources:

Key Stories and Interviews:

Latest Polls:

  • Newspoll: 29th April. Coalition-49, ALP-51 (updated)
  • Galaxy Poll: 27th April. Coalition-48, ALP-52 (updated)
  • Roy Morgan: 24th April. Coalition-49, ALP-51 (updated)
  • Essential: 9th April. Coalition-48, ALP-52
  • Fairfax Ipsos: 7th April. Coalition-47, ALP-53

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