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The Statistical Society of Australia’s National Schools Poster Competition (NSPC) returns for its 9th year!

7 Apr 2022 2:09 PM | Marie-Louise Rankin (Administrator)

 Data is the sword, those who wield it the Samurai” – developing the future STEM workforce.

Statistics + X: what’s your X?

The NSPC is a fun, project-based learning activity which encourages Stages 2 to 6 school students to develop, implement and creatively report upon an investigation on any topic of interest to them (the 'X')... for prizes! 

  • Students conduct small-scale versions of real-world investigations in teams, developing core STEM and cross-functional skills. They create an informative e-poster presentation communicating their investigation clearly, concisely and creatively and submit within one of the five divisions (Stages 2 – 6). 

A Community Division (for families, friends, colleagues) also exists – why should kids get all the fun! 


In addition to the five Division winners and honourable mentions (Stages 2 to 6) prizes are also awarded to:
The School submitting the most entries!
A randomly selected winner in National Science Week (August) based on

submissions made by 10 August (so consider entering early)!

Whilst the focus is engaging students and developing their interests and abilities, this year’s Stage 5 and Stage 6 winners may also be forwarded to an international leg of the competition (which Australia has won in the past).

Please inform friends, family, schools and anyone who’ll listen about the NSPC! Happy investigating! 

We welcome early online registrations and (even rough) estimated submission numbers to assist with administration, and so you receive updates –

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