The Canberra branch, founded in 1962, is one of six regional branches of the Statistical Society of Australia. The objectives of the branch are to provide the focus and organisation of Canberra-based activities, and a forum for all people interested in the theory, methodology, and application of statistical methods. More recently, the society has branched out (pun intended!) and embraced the burgeoning relationships between classical statistics, data science, and machine learning.
The Canberra branch holds monthly meetings on topics of general statistical and data science interest. The meetings provide excellent opportunity to meet other statisticians and data scientists both socially and professionally, from all walks of statistical life from academic institutions to government sectors and private industry. Please see Branch Meetings for more details of upcoming events (which we hope to keep updated as often!)
Aside from monthly meetings, the branch strives to holds workshops every so often on topics of general interest to statisticians and data scientists in the Canberra region. These have included workshops from eminent figures in statistics on experimental and statistical design, analysis of survey data, modern methods of model selection and dimension reduction, and Bayesian data analysis. Please see Events and Event Archive for examples of upcoming and previous workshops.
The Canberra branch awards several prizes to students studying at university in the ACT, such as monetary prizes plus one year’s subscription to the society are awarded to outstanding statistics undergraduate students at the Australian National University. Since 2017, we have also run the Dennis Trewin prize (named after the former Australian Statistician Dennis Trewin) annually, where PhD and Masters students in statistics and related fields from Canberra and rural NSW are invited to record a 15-20 minute talk on their recent research. The winner will receive a monetary prize and be given the opportunity to present at the October branch meeting.
As part of the SSA, members of the Canberra branch receive SSA e-newsletters throughout the year, keeping them up to date with various statistical news and events all around Australia. Members also receive complimentary access to Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics (ANZJS), and are given substantial discounts for various SSA workshops held both in and outside of the Canberra region, as well as for the biennial Australian Statistical Conference (ASC).
If you are in Canberra and are interested in becoming an SSA member, have ideas for potential meeting speakers, workshops, or events in general, then we would love to hear from you! Please send an email to either the president, vice president, or secretary, whose contact details are provided below.


SSA Canberra Branch Council 2018-2019

Mr Warren Muller (CSIRO)
warren.muller “at”
president.canberrabranch “at”

Vice President
Daniel Fearnley (ABS)
daniel.fearnley “at”

Dr Gwenda Thompson (ABS)
gwenda.thompson “at”

Dr Francis Hui (ANU)
fhui28 “at”


Dr Robert Clark
robertgrahamclark “at”

Mr Souveek Halder
souveek.halder “at”

Dr Ray Lindsay
ray.lindsay “at”

Dr Pauline Ding
pauline.ding “at”

Mr Philip Tennant
philipt900 “at”

Dr Tanja Schindler
tanja.schindler “at”

CPD Committee Representative

Mr Souveek Halder
souveek.halder “at”

Membership Officer

Mr Warren Muller
warren.muller “at”

Newsletter Contact

Dr Robert Clark
robertgrahamclark “at”

Branch WebMaster

Prof Michael Martin
michael.martin “at”



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