Who are the Young Statisticians?

The Young Statisticians Network is headed by a Chair at the national level. For the 2018/2019 financial year, the Chair position is held by:

The Chair’s main duties are to organise and coordinate Young Statisticians’ activities at the national level and to represent the interests of Young Statisticians at Central Council meetings of the Society.

At the state level, each of the Branches of the Statistical Society of Australia has a Young Statisticians’ Representative, who is responsible for organising activities at the Branch level during the year. The current representatives are:

  • Hamish Lavery (NSW) – hamishAThjlavery.com.au
  • Georgia Tsambos (VIC) – gtsambosATstudent.unimelb.edu.au
  • Jeeva Kanesarajah (QLD) – j.kanesarajahATuq.edu.au
  •  Nidhi Menon (Cbr) – nidhi.menonATanu.edu.au
  • Barbara Kachigunda (WA) – bkachigundaATgmail.com
  • Peter Kasprzak (SA) –  peter.kasprzakATstudent.adelaide.edu.au

Where do Young Statisticians come from?

Everywhere! Universities, technical institutes, federal and state government departments, research institutes, consultancies, companies…essentially, you can find young statisticians scattered right throughout the community.


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