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Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics

SSAI publishes this refereed journal four times per year. SSAI Members receive the publication either in hard-copy or they can access it online.

For submission instructions , subscription and all other information, please visit

ScholarOne Manuscripts for ANZJS

To submit a manuscript to ANZJS, please go to the website and register if necessary. To complete submission, you will need to upload your pdf files to this site.

The editors hope this will simplify the submission and acknowledgement process for you. It will certainly streamline handing of submitted manuscripts. For example, it will allow the editors, for the first time, to remind Associate Editors automatically when a decision on your paper is due. It will also permit all editors to better share tracking information on an immediate basis and, for those of you who are referees, it will allow us to know who you are so we can thank you in the journal.

Those of you who have papers currently under consideration by ANZJS (except some very recent submissions, who will be emailed separately) will however remain part of the current more manual system, as ScholarOne Manuscripts does not allow us to incorporate our manual tracking system.

ScholarOne Manuscripts has been recommended by the ANZJS publishers Wiley-Blackwell, but is run independently so is not dependent on the journal’s publisher.

ANZJS has for a number of years had a backlog of papers waiting for publication. This backlog has now been reduced to near zero, so that papers are now usually published in the issue following completion of technical editing.

Given what we hope will be shorter turn around times under ScholarOne, the lack of a backlog, and the improvement of the ANZJS impact factor and ranking (see below), we encourage you to submit your manuscripts to ANZJS.

Year: 2006 2007 2008 2009
Impact Factor: 0.347 0.373 0.650 0.821
Ranking: 71/83 75/91 68/91 58/100

If you are submitting, please read the author guidelines carefully. These can be found at We are particularly interested in sound theory and methods papers, application papers containing novel aspects (adapting and/or extending existing methods to solve a real-life problem), and papers on statistics in society and statistical history (particularly those related to Australia and/or New Zealand). We are also currently in the process of reinstituting book reviews in ANZJS.

  • James Curran (Managing Editor)
  • Michael Martin and Martin Hazelton (Theory and Methods Editors)
  • Petra Graham (Book Review Editor)
  • Rolf Turner and Neville Bartlett (Technical Editors)

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