At SSA we understand the importance of maintaining the privacy of you, our members. We do not on sell, trade, or make available any information we may have about any of our members or site users.
We believe very strongly in your privacy on the internet. Our servers and other computers and contractors employ security procedures to protect all our/your information from unauthorized access. Below we outline why we gather particular information, what types of information we collect, how we collect it, and what the information is used for.

Why do we gather information?

We use information we collect to process your membership and make your membership a worthwhile experience. Your local SSA branch will have access to your details to be able to invite you to local meetings and events. We also make some of your details available to third parties contracted by SSA to send out  the Australian and New Zealand Statistical Journal, and we may provide the organisers of the biennial Australian Statistical Conference with your name and contact details. If we have your permission, we will make your details available to other SSA members.

What information do we gather?

Through our Web Site when you apply for membership, we may store the following information: your name, telephone number, email address, billing information (partial credit card number (not the entire number), expiration date and billing address), membership type, your profession. If you are an Accredited Statistician, we will note that on the database as well, the day you obtained accreditation and the expiry date of your accreditation.


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