J. B. DouglasPostgraduate Awards – NSW Annual Lecture – Dinner

Date: Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Venue: Aerial UTS Function Centre (Level 7, Building 10), University of Technology, Sydney

1:00pm – 5:15pmStudent Presentations
5:15pm – 5:30pmAwards Presentation
5:30pm – 6:30pmAnnual Lecture – Professor Malcolm Hudson
6:30pm – onward: Pre-dinner drink at 6:30 and dinner from 7:00pm

Please register for annual dinner using Eventbrite: https://goo.gl/ApLeFA by Monday, 16 November 2015. 

Professor Malcolm Hudson

Macquarie University

Factors affecting treatment recurrence and death: a case study with longitudinal hospital retreatment records
Classical models in competing risks are usually formulated with alternative events considered mutually exclusive and non-recurring.There are a variety of approaches generalizing classical survival analysis models with competing non-recurrent events to multiply recurring events. For example, for recurring events with competing risks, marginal and multistate models apply survival analysis methods.We present and compare competing risks survival models of recurrent events with observations subject to administrative censoring.Focus is placed on estimation and inference concerning cumulative incidence and mean functions,an area little discussed in the literature.We demonstrate the independence of estimators of cumulative incidence and cumulative mean number of recurrent retreatments from mortality data, even when retreatment is highly dependent on mortality. Models and methods are applied in a large clinical study of radiotherapy cancer treatment in South-West Sydney.

Biography of Professor Malcolm Hudson

Malcolm Hudson attended University of NSW (B.Sc.(Hons) in Pure Mathematics), and Stanford University (PhD in Statistics). He spent over 30 years on the faculty of the Department of Statistics, Macquarie University, where he is Emeritus Professor. He supervised seven PhD students who graduated from Macquarie University to successful statistical careers. His research interests include multiparameter estimation in Poisson and semiparametric models, statistical computing, and development of risk models.

Hudson contributes to the biostatistics community through long-standing (since 1974) involvement in research on statistical applications in medicine. He participates in projects of the NHMRC Program Grant of the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Sydney, in which he was a Principal Investigator (2003-2007) and is now Honorary Professor. Hudson’s Biostatistics papers include both recent (e.g. Hudson, Lo, Heritier, Statistics in Medicine, 2014) and earlier publications (e.g. Glare et al, BMJ, 2003; Lumley et al, SIM, 2001, Hudson, Biometrics, 1986, Hudson and Hahn, J. Theor. Biol., 1977, . . . ). He taught in the Biostatistics Collaboration of Australia’s postgraduate programs and assists students in statistical aspects of clinical medicine research.

Hudson’s research on Medical Imaging conducted during the period 1994-2000 has very high citation impact. In 2014 he was recipient of the IEEE Marie Sklodowska-Curie Award.

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