What is Accreditation?

You may be aware that the Statistical Society of Australia runs an “Accredited Statistician (AStat)” scheme for full members. There are currently over 100 AStat accredited members in the Society. Since the program was implemented in 1996 almost 200 members received AStat Accreditation.

If you already have Accreditation (good on you!) please disregard this email. If not, please read on.

Why should you consider applying for accreditation?

The prime objective of the Accreditation scheme is to indicate to the non-statistical community that the holder has achieved an acceptable level of professional competence in the understanding and application of statistical methods. Accreditation provides a measure of assurance to employers, contractors, and collaborators of statisticians and a mark of accomplishment to society at large. A member with the qualification of Accredited Statistician may use the abbreviation “AStat“.

Accreditation as an Accredited Statistician is based on a combination of formal qualifications in statistics, relevant practical experience and demonstration of professional competence. At the time of application for accreditation, candidates must be actively involved in the practice of statistics.

To find out how you can obtain accreditation, please click here.

The Accreditation Committee looks forward to hearing from you.


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