Vic Branch event: Careers Night for young and early-career statisticians

Vic Branch event announcement: 27 November, 6pm,at the University of Melbourne in Old Geology Lecture Theatre 1.

Victorian-based early career statisticians/data scientists should keep the night of Tuesday the 27th of November free: the Victorian branch is hosting a Careers Night for young and early-career statisticians (although all are welcome!). The event is targeted at people with statistical/data science backgrounds who have recently finished, or are nearing the end of their tertiary education.

The first part of the evening will be a panel discussion with speakers representing a wide range of career choices: from the actuarial arts to the depths of data science. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Amanda Aitken (actuary, Actuarial Edge);
  • Steve Bennett (data viz freelancer);
  • Nick Husek (statistician, ABS);
  • Karen Lamb (biostatistician, MCRI);
  • Linda McIver (teacher and director, Australian Data Science Education Institute); and
  • James Wilson (CEO, Eliiza).

After the panel discussion, SSA members will have the opportunity to get to know the panellists over drinks and food. We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information please contact [email protected]



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