The Readership Works announces successful independent audit for emma ahead of its launch

The Readership Works announces successful independent audit for emma ahead of its launch

The Readership Works today announced that emma™ (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia), the new cross platform audience insights survey, has been successfully independently audited by media research specialist auditor Dr Rob Hall from Environmetrics.

Dr Hall was commissioned to conduct the audit, specifically to review the design and implementation of the emma™ methodology being developed by Ipsos MediaCT on behalf of The Readership Works. Dr Hall has taught social and market research methods at Macquarie University, The University of NSW, Sydney University, University of Western Sydney and the University of Verona, Italy. He is a member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society, the Statistical Society of Australia, the Australian Psychological Society and the American Psychological Association. Dr Hall is also the auditor of the Commercial Radio Australia currency.

Dr Hall used a number of criteria for evaluating the emma™ survey, including that the methodology is supported by current best practice in the survey research industry, input from external experts in the media and advertising sectors and suitable quality control and monitoring processes. He found that the emma™ survey met all criteria, including the sample, data collection, data preparation and data delivery. “On behalf of The Readership Works I have examined the processes designed for and implemented into the emma™ readership measurement system. I have been given open access to the people and resources I wished to examine and my activity as an independent auditor was not impeded or influenced in any way,” Dr Hall said. “It is my conclusion that emma™ provides the basis for valid and reliable estimates of readership of print and digital newspapers and magazines in the Australian market.”

The Readership Works General Manager Mal Dale said that the independent audit was conducted so the industry could be completely confident in the accuracy of emma™ data. “From inception, and in consultation with the industry, it has been our goal to deliver a survey that delivers a more accurate and complete picture of the way people consume newspapers and magazines across platforms. Dr Hall’s audit allows us to present a robust, independently audited survey to the market that delivers on cross-platform accountability and greater accuracy, transparency and frequency of data,” he said. Dr Hall will continue to audit emma™ to provide ongoing assurance that the survey maintains these high standards, including auditing of further methodological innovations prior to the release of new data to market.

The first emma data will be released on August 19th and feature a number of new innovations in the Australian market:

• A more in-depth database of all newspaper and magazine formats capturing data across across print, website, mobile and tablet

• The fusion of Nielsen Online Ratings data with the emma™ survey – The two independently audited audience measurement systems will combine data, with Nielsen providing Ipsos MediaCT with its Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Australia) – endorsed online audience ratings data which will be fused onto the emma™ survey data.

• Sophisticated survey techniques utilised to interview 54,000 people a year, seven days a week

• Readership data on individual branded sections of newspapers

• New contemporary segmentation of the Australian population with 10 new consumer segments identified

• New insights into brand and product consumer behaviour

• Engagement – deeper insights into the readers’ relationships with publications.

The new measurement survey has been developed by independent research company Ipsos MediaCT, global leaders in local audience measurement. Ipsos conducts national audience surveys and is the official measurement system in 41 countries including the UK, Italy and France.

Posted 13 August 2013


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