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SSA members regularly publish articles at The Conversation website

SSA Member Karen Lamb, a Biostatistician and Research Fellow at the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition at Deakin University, recently published “The genius at Guinness and his statistical legacy”. Karen explained how a statistical method widely used today by scientists and others is all thanks to a statistician at a Guinness brewery whose work was published anonymously more than a century ago. Read the article here.

The Statistical Society of Australia is working with The Conversation to put together a landing page on where all SSA’s member contributors and their articles appear, showcasing the expertise in the society, and providing a go-to page for The Conversation editors when they need an article on news or views with a statistical flavour.

The Conversation is an online independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community. They aim to allow for better understanding of current affairs and complex issues and so contribute to a better quality of public discourse and conversations.

To aid us in this endeavour can you please:

a) let us know if they currently have any The Conversation articles and want to be part of the SSA The Conversation Expert page,

b) declare your SSA membership on new The Conversation articles, and

c) let us know when you have an article out.

If you have published any articles can you please let us know

Peter Baker,  Chair of SSA Media and Communications Committee,

[email protected]

Marie-Louise Rankin, Executive Officer SSA, [email protected]




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