Talking about your research to a non-technical audience

Do you or your team need to talk about your research to a non-technical audience?

Join Science in Public for a one-day communication and media training workshop that will help you to explain your research to the media, government, industry and other stakeholders.

Register now for the next media training session in Canberra on Wednesday 12 September.

What do Science in Public offer?
Conveying the complexity of your research, your life’s work, into a 30-second grab for the media can be hard. The solution is to shape the essence of your science into a story.

Two experienced science communicators will work with you to find the story in your research.

Working journalists from television, print and radio will join Science in Public over the course of the day to explain what makes news for them. And you’ll get the chance to practice TV and radio interviews.

The day’s insights and training will help you feel more comfortable in not just dealing with journalists, but also in talking to your Director, local MP or business prospects.

Who are Science in Public?
Science in Public is a science communication and public relations business based in Melbourne.

The Science in Public team has a passion for science. They encourage and challenge scientists to reach the public, politicians and the media, while staying true to the science.

Over the years they’ve helped Monash launch the world’s first printed jet engine, revealed the loss of half the coral on the Great Barrier Reef, helped CERN announce the Higgs boson, and helped CSIRO reveal the link between their Wi-Fi patent and Aussie astronomy.

Wednesday 12 September
8.30am – 5pm
Canberra Innovation Network (5/1 Moore Street).
Cost: $800+GST includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea, with lattes on demand.

Book now online


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