R-Ladies chapters popping up around Australia

The R-Ladies movement continues to grow in Australia with R-Ladies Sydney lightning talks launch event the latest R-Ladies launch.

R-Ladies is a global movement of chapters of R-users who aim to promote a culture of diversity and address the underrepresentation of minority genders through building a strong network of peers, role models, and mentors.

R-Ladies Sydney’s launch follows on the heels of R-Ladies Remote’s launch (via webinar, naturally). And Victoria’s own R-Ladies Melbourne has been in full swing for some time now. Events vary from workshops, talks, and more.  

In Sydney, Emi Tanaka entertained all with her talk on building shiny web applications. Wendy Wong gave us some insight into the career transition from finance to data science. Zoe Meers’ parliament plots had everyone wowed, seriously, audible wows.  

The word on the street, as it were, at rOpenSci’s Seattle recent unconf was that everyone is talking about what a big impact R-Ladies has had for them or their colleagues. Informal and formal chats are appearing between R-Ladies chapters, discussing teaching, websites, research, and simulations. I personally find the R-Ladies community a particularly good resource as someone who works remotely.

Charles T. Gray


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