NSW Branch: New councillors

Five new councillors were appointed for 2018 at the NSW Branch’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, March 28:


Hamish Lavery

After working in IT for a number of years, Hamish Lavery returned to university in 2013 and developed an interest in statistics. Since graduating he has been working as a media data analyst. Hamish hopes to enhance the Society’s engagement with newly graduated statisticians in his time on the council.






Ardalan Mirzaei

Ardalan Mirzaei is a PhD student with the Pharmacy School at the University of Sydney studying health information-seeking behaviour. He was involved in organizing the YSC2017 conference in the Gold Coast last year. He wanted to join the council to get involved further in the statistical and data science world.







Matt Wand

Matt Wand is a professor of statistics at University of Technology Sydney. He mainly works in the development of new  statistical methodology and is particularly interested in the transferral of ideas from machine learning to statistics. His specific areas of research include nonparametric and semiparametric regression, mixed models and fast approximate inference.





Rachel Wang


Rachel Wang is a lecturer of statistics at the University of Sydney. She has broad interests in both theoretical and applied statistical problems arising from complex and large-scale data. Her main areas of research include statistical network modelling, genomics, and machine learning.




Runze Xu

Runze Alexander XU is an early career statistician and data scientist currently working in the digital marketing industry. He graduated with a Master of Statistics from the University of New South Wales in 2016. He is interested in applying machine learning and statistical models practically in real-life scenarios.





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