News from the QLD Branch – March Meeting

Professor Adrian Barnett, from QUT, spoke on 20th March at Gardens Point,  QUT. He addressed  “The crisis in health and medical statistics”.

Adrian highlighted a problem in the field of medical research. He stated “even those researchers with years of experience have little understanding of the correct definition of a p-value, confidence interval or confounder. Too many researchers follow the “publish or perish” maxim and salami slice their research and promote “statistically significant” findings that are not reproducible.” He encouraged statisticians to rise to the challenge to use their role in tackling the current crisis by promoting best practice and training their colleagues.  Many statisticians had come across these issues and our a June talk will continue this theme.

After the presentation several members went to a local Italian restaurant with the speaker.

SSA-QLD  Newsletter Correspondent,

Dr Miranda Y Mortlock, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Crop Science, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation.  [email protected] @BeST_MYM


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