News from the QLD Branch – April Meeting

Our April meeting was on Tuesday 24th at Gardens Point QUT. We welcomed Professor Richard Boyes, who was visiting QUT from the University of Newcastle (UK), and he kindly agreed to speak to the Society. Richard has an engaging and entertaining style and he took a Bayesian approach, and explained the process of consulting with the scientists and teasing out the design, and measurements.

Richard explored a joint model developed to describe core body temperature and activity levels of mice after calorific restriction. The model parameters assessed for temporal dependence by using dynamic linear models (DLMs). Further details are found here.

We were happy to see several new faces at the meeting. We welcome new members and cross collaboration with talks and topics with other quantitative groups in Brisbane. The meeting was well attended and the speaker went to dinner with a group afterwards at a local Italian restaurant.

SSA-QLD  Newsletter Correspondent,

Dr Miranda Y Mortlock, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Crop Science, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation.  [email protected] @BeST_MYM


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