Mining the Internet of Everything

The June meeting of the Canberra Branch was held in conjunction with the Institute of Analytics Professionals Australia (IAPA). Dr Ric Clarke, of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), spoke on ‘Mining the Internet of Everything (IoE) – Official Statistics in the Information Age’.

He described the Internet of Everything as a unified web of information on people (the social web), places (the geospatial web) and things (the sensor web) and ‘Big Data’ as the collective residue of interactions in the IoE. At ABS a multidisciplinary team of specialists in mathematics, econometrics, computer science and information management are developing a set of prototypes to represent data as a network of entities and relationships, to describe the semantics of data in a machine-interpretable form, to enable machines to reason on the data to derive new insights, to extract and transform the content of multi-structured data sets and to embed advanced visualisation in information systems.

ABS is exploring the application of these methods to satellite sensor data to categorise land use and type of crop, to mobile device location data to produce day time as well as usual resident population counts, to Point-of-Sale payment data for improved coverage and efficiency of the Consumer Price Index, to Smart meter data to understand the dynamics of household energy consumption) and to administrative data from multiple sources e.g on businesses and their employees.

There was a healthy attendance of both IAPA and SSAI members, and plenty of discussion before and after the talk. Both groups are positive about holding other joint events in the future.

Bill Gross

From the SSAI September Newsletter

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