March to May: ACSPRI’s 2 Day Master-classes and Workshops in  Melbourne

ACSPRI– Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research Incorporated


15-16 March
Questionnaire Design with Dr. Gordon Emmerson
A two day workshop focussing on building hard copy or internet surveys to meet a variety of needs. Topics include uses of surveys, constructing survey questions that are clear and unbiased, the need to match attitudinal or behavioural data collection with the purpose of the survey, and combining objective and open-ended questioning in order to enhance the usability of results.

9-10 April
An Introduction to Mixed Methods Research Design with Dr. Nicola McNeil
This Master Class will examine the key features of mixed methods research designs. You will explore the different types, analysing the benefits and challenges associated with the design and implementation of each design including analysis and write of of mixed methods studies.

19-20 April
Introduction to Structural Equation Modelling using Stata with Dr. Joanna Dipnall
A foundation for those of you wanting to use SEM to explore and test complex relationships. This Master-class is designed for participants with an introductory-level understanding of the statistical methods of regression analysis and exploratory factor analysis. You will experience hands-on SEM examples and build your own Stata SEM models.

26-27 April
Nvivo Essentials with Asssoc. Professor Linda Sweet
This 2 day workshop is designed to teach the novice the essentials skills in using Nvivo for research, through hands on experience. The course assumes no prior knowledge of Nvivo.

10-11 May
The Who, the What and he How of Moderating Focus Groups with Bianca Plunkett
This ‘hands on’ course is designed for those of you familiar with qualitative research, who want to further your understanding around the mechanics of setting up and moderating focus group based research projects. The course is also useful for those of you who may be responsible for, or need to commission qualitative research.


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