Introducing a Trust Mark for our AStat Accredited Statisticians

The Statistical Society of Australia is pleased to announce the introduction of a new feature for our AStat accredited statisticians. A trust mark has been designed that accredited members can use with their email signature and stationary. It will include the words “AStat Accredited Statistician” and the original year of accreditation as well as the expiry year, demonstrating to recipients of emails and letters that the sender’s statistical qualifications have been endorsed by the Society. In addition the trust mark will show the url of a page on our website containing a list of current AStat accredited members. This is to ensure that anyone questioning the AStat status of a person using the trust mark can verify that it is in fact genuine.

The list will include the first and last name of the accredited members and will be available on this website from Monday, 14 May 2018. If an accreditation expires or a membership lapses that member’s name will be removed from the list.

The trust marks will be emailed to members over the next month as they are made available to me by the graphic designer.

If you do not yet have accreditation but you’d like to submit your application, please go to our website ( to find out how to go about it.  SSA’s accreditation is only available to members of SSA.


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