Have you got what it takes?

The Stats Society Canberra branch is looking for a young statistician (YS) representative to, well, represent the Canberra branch! Apart from having an awesome title to put on your CV, the main roles of the YS rep can be summed up in the following two points:

1) Attends the YS teleconferences, which generally happens monthly but more recently has happened every other month, or via email. These teleconferences are part of a national network aimed at better engaging and representing young statisticians from all walks of life, through branch and national events, SSA associated committees, holding YS-specific sections are conferences and workshops etc…

2) Assisting the Canberra council to plan and run at least one event for young statisticians each year. In 2018, the Canberra branch will once again be running the Dennis Trewin prize where PhD and Masters students from various participating institutions are invited to submit a video talk on their research, and the winner gets the opportunity to present their talk as the guest speaker at one of the monthly branch meetings (stay tuned for more info!).

(Slightly) more information about the YS rep can be found that at http://www.statsoc.org.au/young-statisticans/who-are-the-young-statisticians/ More importantly, if you are interested in this position or know someone who may be interested, please email SSACanberraATgmail.com by 31st May. The main criteria for being a YS rep is, well, to be a YS e.g., within 7 years of your last degree.


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