Dr Alex Pagnozzi presenting on using measures of brain injury to predict outcomes in children with cerebral palsy

On October 3rd, 2017, the QLD branch held its monthly meeting where Alex Pagnozzi, from the CSIRO gave a thought-provoking talk on machine learning in neuroimaging.

Alex Pagnozzi is a medical engineer and Advance Queensland fellow at the Australian e-Health Research Centre, a joint venture between CSIRO and the Queensland Government. His PhD focused on automatic characterisation of brain injury from Magnetic Resonance Images (MRIs). Now as a postdoctoral researcher he is developing web-based tools to make these techniques available to researchers and clinicians, accelerating brain research and improving outcomes for children with neurological injuries.

In the neuroimaging field, significant effort has been made towards using machine learning to develop informative and clinically useful features from the vast quantity of information contained in medical images. Alex’s presentation provided an overview of his work using automated methods to characterise brain injury from the MRIs of children with Cerebral Palsy.  He gave an understanding of the variation involved in predicting deficits in children and showed these methods can supplement the manual, clinical assessment of the images with both quantitative measures of injury. As well as providing estimates of patient motor and cognitive function. After the talk a small group enjoyed good conversation and an Italian meal.

Lee Jones


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